Wednesday, September 8, 2010

HOLD ON TO YOUR WIGS!! Willow is ready to 'Whip My Hair'!!!

Willow Smith (Will Smith's daughter) song just surfaced the internet world today. It's called 'Whip My Hair', an old Rihanna song reject from 'Good Girl Gone Goat' era.

And by the way, she' s only 9 years old! Yes! You saw that right! Only 9 years old but already snatching weaves and wigs. Who mad?

It's actually funny coz' this song is billion times better than Rihanna's so-called 'explosive' and 'electrifying' 'Only Girl (In The World'.

I loooove the song to death! The sounds were aight, the swagga is there, (Which is unbelievable for a 9 years old, for me). The chorus is super catchy and will probably stuck to your head and you can't resist on pressing the 'repeat' button. Hope, she'll have a successful music career.

Damn. 9 years old? I can't.

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