Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lolene struts her stuff on 'Rich (Fake It 'Till I Make It)' music video

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It's really overwhelming to see a singer having a really good debut single. Lolene's new song from her debut album 'Electrick Hotel' is a sure fire hit...TRUST ME.

The song is really a great club banger and since it's my jam last summer...I'm expecting a good video for it,.and guess what..SHE DID IT!

The video starts off as Lolene acts as a cashier in a very white grocer until everything turns purple and black. The video is full of neon lights, girls inside the empty refrigerators, glitters. I know it sounded like what Lady GaGa usually do but Lolene puts her own touch...classy and sexy at the same time. Until it was later revealed that she was just daydreaming.



Britney's Candies photoshoot LEAKED!

Candies designed by Britney - Photo 6 on Twitpic

Britney's promo for the Candies starts now. The pictures leaked I think just yesterday.


Candies designed by Britney - Photo 5 on Twitpic
Candies designed by Britney - Photo 4 on Twitpic
Candies designed by Britney - Photo 3 on Twitpic
Candies designed by Britney - Photo 2 on Twitpic
Candies designed by Britney - Photo 1 on Twitpic
BRITNEY SPEARS new  Candies ad PICS! my gosh shes sooo gorgeous on Twitpic

HOT! Keep it up Brit Brit!

My most listened artists and songs of the week! (Week 3)

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Geez! I don't know when is the last time I did the list, super busy. Well, this list consists of Christina Aguilera (uber love her album), Orange Caramel (see? Kpop-titis again) and Kylie Minogue..after days concentrating on her album...WOW! She did it again!

Top Artists:
1. Kylie Minogue
2. Christina Aguilera
3. B*witched
4. Orange Caramel
5. f(x)

Top Songs:
1. Aphrodite - Kylie Minogue

2. Bionic - Christina Aguilera
3. Magic Girl - Orange Caramel
4. Nu Abo - f(x)
5. Missing You - The Saturdays

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Double Aguilera news alert!

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1st..Christina Aguilera is set to be in the hit U.S. TV show 'Entourage' in their season finale as herself. AND EXPECT HER TO PERFORM THERE ALSO!

2nd..She snagged Anthony Mandler to be the director of the video of her new U.S. single 'You Lost Me'. Anthony previously worked with Rihanna, Drake, Jay-Z, Amerie and many more..PRETTY EXCITED.

Go Christina! Bionic era is NOT YET OVER! I know you can still do it!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

BACKTRAXX: Britney Spears - Radar

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We're going to step 2 years back 2008. 'Radar' was the song of the year for me. Scrapped single from her album 'Blackout' but mysteriously released as a single on her last album 'Circus'...weird. That only means that this song was really hot that it should be in Ms. Spears 2 studio albums!

This is def. my favorite Britney song. From the really hot chorus that other singer would kill to have. The hot beat! The really sexy refrain! And here, Britney actually sounded good even with autotune!


I can't post the video coz i think it was the most boring vid of her and i don't want to destroy my happiness with the song. For the video:


Jackson family visits Michael Jackson's grave

Jermaine Jackson Janet Jackson and Randy Jackson at Forest La... on Twitpic

Last 25 was the 1st death anniversary of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Besides the tributes and stuffs. The jackson family paid a visit to Michael's grave in Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Tito Jackson Jermaine Jackson Janet Jackson and Randy Jackson... on Twitpic

Janet @ Forest Lawn 2 on Twitpic

I really can't believe that it's been a year since MJ passed away. And sometimes I think he's still alive just hiding somewhere...:(

Saturday, June 26, 2010

KPOP ALERT: Cutie cute song from Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel says peek-a-boo! ì�¸ëª� ë§�ë�´ë�¤ ì��ì � ê·�ì�... on Twitpic

After having Kpop fever last week (thanks to 'Bonamana') another kpop group called Orange Caramel made me kpop-itis with their song 'Magic Girl'. These girls are old members of another popular group After School.

This song is really Jpop sounding but it's a good thing since it's refreshing to hear korean people doing this. At first, I must admit, it's a bit annoying but after a few spins...I'm already addicted to it!


ALBUM SPOTLIGHT: Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite

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Kylie Minogue is back! Her whole new album 'Aphrodite' just leaked days ago and I keep on listening to it until I decided to put here my top 5 best songs from it (for me):

1. Aphrodite (5/5)

2. Illusion (4/5)
3. Cupid Boy (3.5/5)
4. Too Much (3.5/5)
5. Everything is Beautiful (3.5/5)

Sad to say but the whole album doesn't met with my high expectation for it. Maybe next time it'll grow for me...but as of now, 'X' is still her BEST for me.


Christina Aguilera unveils the single cover for 'You Lost Me'!

Christina Aguilera's You Lost Me COVER!  on Twitpic

Christina Aguilera just showed the cover for her 2nd U.S. single 'You Lost Me' from her 4th album 'Bionic'.

THIS PIC IS REALLY SAD. It's good like the song itself. Her eye is really pretty! Hope this single will help the album after the dissapointing chart performance.


Friday, June 25, 2010


love the retro-esque cover of elle this mth #Rihanna  #TwitPict on Twitpic

Rihanna reign is showing no signs of letting up anytime soon. This is something her naysayers can scoff at, whilst her supporters continue to rejoice. Eminem’s new single, the Rihanna-assisted ‘Love the Way You Lie’ has soared to the top of the itunes sales chart in the US this week.

The digital download dominator has more cause to celebrate. Apparently, her 2007 smash ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ has topped the 3 million mark in paid downloads this week. It’s the singer’s third song as a lead artist to hit 3 million, following ‘Disturbia’ and ‘Umbrella’. The 22-year- old has also topped the 3 million mark as a featured artist on T.I.’s ‘Live Your Life’ and is the only artist with a grand total (combining lead and featured roles) of four 3-million sellers.

WOAH! I think people love Rihanna! And that's the most important. Keep it up RiRi!

BACKTRAXX: Brandy - Right Here (Departed)

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One of my faves Brandy at her best. Right Here (Departed) was the carrier single from her 2008 album 'Human', also one of my favorite album.

The song was produced by Darkchild, the song's message is good, the beat is really great, her voice is just AMAZING and her trademark harmony thing is just out of this world!


The video for the song was good but nothing really spectacular about it and it kinda fell short compared to the song.


Thursday, June 24, 2010


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The most important moment of 2010 is here: The plastic princess of pop, Heidi Montag, has announced that she’ll be returning to the studio to record her sophomore album, due this Summer.

“Heading into the music studio recording my new single !” Tweeted Heidi. “Steve Morales my music producer moves into my house tomorrow to make my summer album !”

My fellow Heidiholics will know that Steve Morales was responsible for a portion of the production on Heidi’s stunning debut ‘ Superficial‘, including the title track, the raunchy “I’ll Do It”, “Look How I’m Doin’” and who can forget Heidi ’s mega-club smash “More is More”, which peaked at a lofty #27 on the Billboard club charts.


Countdown for the new album STARTS NOW!

Lady GaGa plunges!

Lady Gaga fell off of those stupid ass shoes. Honestly, if I ... on Twitpic

FINALLY! After wearing those ridiculously out-of-this-world stilletos, LADY GAGA FELL from the airport and it already circulated the internet. Ironically, she was wearing Xtina chaps! Karma?


Funny! on Twitpic


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Saturdays previews their NEW SINGLE!

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My fave girl group EVER The Saturdays just released a sneak peak/teaser of the video of their latest single called 'Missing You' from their upcoming 3rd untitled album.

WHAT? 3rd album already?! Oh. I really wish they will release more singles from their 2nd album 'Wordshaker' since I love EVERY SINGLE song in it! But atleast they have a new song.

The song is kinda different from their previous album, 'Missing You' sounds like what everyone is releasing recently compared to the electro pop they had on 'Chasing Lights' and rock pop on 'Wordshaker' BUT it's not a bad thing! It sounds EPIC and based on the preview, the shouting part doesn't sound like Vanessa, I wonder who is it...

The teaser for the video also looks EPIC. They're freaking hot! Especially Frankie! I love the choreograhy! I'll stay tuned for that.


Kristinia DeBarge debuts new song!!

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My fave Kristinia DeBarge debuts a new song called 'Bulletproof'. One word to describe...


Well, this song was already climbing to my weekly top 5 list coz it's really a great one.

GOSH. She never fails to give me hot songs. 'Bulletproof' sounds a bit like her song 'Sabotage' from her (ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE ALBUM OF ALL TIME) debut album 'Exposed'. The climax was hot! The beat was dope! Hope this will be a single. If not, I'm sure there are another great songs from her 2nd album.


Christina Aguilera + Michael Jackson song = AWESOME

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Christina Aguilera is set to pay tribute to Michael Jackson by singing his hit 'Man In The Mirror' in the CBS Special on the 25th of June.


Since Aggie loves Michael, I'm glad she's really doing it!

Aguilera is set to release 'You Lost Me' in the U.S. and 'I Hate Boys' worldwide!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Christina Aguilera announces new single!

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And the next single from Christina Aguilera's 'Bionic' album is..,.


Woohoo! I love this track eversince! Hope she'll regain her popularity after what happened to her album (so far).

The song will be released next week with the new radio mix version which is really awesome and made me love the song again!


Here's the dl link for the radio mix:

Charice will be on Glee!

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Filipina singer Charice is set to be a regular cast in the hit U.S. TV show Glee on its next season!

Pretty shocked.

It's already been a rumor before but Charice denied the news. But all of a sudden, she posted on her twitter that it's true!

Well, I'm super happy for her and she really deserves it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

KPOP ALERT: 2NE1 - Pretty Boy

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Well, this song ain't new. It's actually a cut from their debut album '2NE1' released last 2008. But since it's one of my all-time kpop songs favorite, I would like to share it to you.

This song will actually sound good when translated in english and released in the U.S. since this song can compete with what chart-toppers sound there today. The beat is wicked! Love their voices. And they're pretty.


Katy Perry in a Candy-filled performance!

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Besides Miley Cyrus, another pop tart performed at 2010 MMVM yesterday in Canada. Katy Perry performed a sweet 'California Gurls' her surprising #1 hit.

The performance was dull. But thanks to the extravagant candy land themed stage and the hyped fans. It became a fun performance!


Miley Cyrus performed 'Animalistic' 'Can't Be Tamed'!

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New (and improved?) Miley Cyrus performed a rather breathy 'Can't Be Tamed' from her upcoming album or EP with the same name in the 2010 Much Music Video Awards held yesterday in Canada. The song debuted and peaked #8 in the U.S. and became a successful single in Canada.

The performance started of in an dance introduction. Everyone was wearing white ripped dress. The audience was a little bit DEAD. And then she entered from this thing and then she danced and breathed all the way through. The vocals were okay the dance was okay so it's a decent performance.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

My most listened artists of the past week! (Week 2)

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There are some changes in my list and Christina Aguilera is still in my list coz' I can't get enough of 'Bionic' but Super Junior's 'Bonamana' is the winner this week!

1. Christina Aguilera
2. Super Junior
3. 2pm
4. Kristinia DeBarge
5. Katy Perry

1. Bonamana - Super Junior

2. Bionic - Christina Aguilera
3. Bulletproof - Kristinia DeBarge
4. As Soon As (Maja) - 2pm
5. Stronger Than Ever - Christina Aguilera

Oops! 'Bionic' will go down to the history books!

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Yes! You saw that right! Unfortunately...that's a bad thing.

Christina Aguilera's 4th LP 'Bionic' is set to fall like a rock down outside the top 20 in the U.K. charts after the debut #1. She is set to break the record in Biggest slip from #1 in the history of U.K. music. The last record was #1 to #18.


BACKTRAXX: B*witched - Jump Down

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Phfew. I'm back, and because of that I shall give you a 'refreshing' song.

"Jump Down" is a song by Irish girl
group B*Witched, released as their
seventh and (to date) final single.
This was the third release from their
second album Awake and Breathe,
on 20 March 2000.

I only heard the song last week and it grew on me! It has similar sound to another B*witched favorite 'Jesse Hold On'


Thursday, June 17, 2010

'Bionic' chart update.

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We all know that Aguilera bombed the charts in the U.S. and topped the charts in the U.K. and entering top 5 in most's the update: in Korea.

Korean International Singles
Chart :
04 (NE) Glam
19 (24) Not Myself Tonight
41 (NE) Bionic
48 (NE) Woohoo
57 (NE) Lift Me Up
70 (NE) You Lost Me
73 (NE) Prima Donna
76 (NE) Desnudate
78 (NE) Elastic Love
79 (NE) Sex For Breakfast
80 (NE) I Hate Boys
81 (NE) All I Need
84 (NE) My Girls
89 (NE) I Am
90 (NE) Vanity
99 (NE) Love & Glamour (Intro)
109 (NE) My Heart (Intro)
111 (NE) Morning Desert (Intro)
Note - Christina has the most
appearances on the Korean
International Top 200 Singles chart
by FAR.
Korean Overall Singles Chart:
70 (NE) Glam (Outpeaking "NMT"'s
#73 peak. )
152 (198) Not Myself Tonight
Just two entries in the overall chart.
It shows how domestic Korea is
Korean International Albums
Chart (Mostly based on shipments):
01 (NE) Bionic (Deluxe Edition)
04 (NE) Bionic (Standard Edition)
Korean Overall Album Chart
(Mostly based on shipments):
06 (NE) Bionic (Deluxe Edition)
11 (NE) Bionic (Standard Edition)
I'd consider Korea to be one of
Xtina's top markets worldwide now.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Christina Aguilera sings 'Star Spangled Banner' on NBA

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Let's set aside first on the sales and let's watch her belting her way singing the U.S. national anthem on the NBA FINALS game 6 (Lakers V.S. Celtics).

She sounded good as usual but I felt that it's harder for her nowadays to reach the higher notes but she can still blow all of contemporaries out of the water with her voice.


Katy Perry gives us a 'sweet' new music video

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Katy Perry just released the music video for her latest #1 hit 'California Gurls' featuring Snoop Dogg, the lead single for her upcoming 2nd album 'Teenage Dream' and lemme' tell you, it's very sugar coated sweet video!

At first, my impression to the song was...*blank stare*. And it sounded like 'TiK ToK' of Kesha. But the song is a grower. And it obviously grew on me by the time i'm writing this.


The video is plain fun! Walking gummy bears! Lollipops, ice creams! And other creamy and delicious thing! This video reminded me though of Fergie's 'Fergalicious' video. But anyways it's a very creative video and I don't want you to miss it!


'Bionic' officially debuts at #3 in the U.S.

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Aguilera's latest effort 'Bionic' debuted at #3 on the U.S. Billboard 200 album charts this week with a dismal 118, 333 copies sold. The lowest EVER album debut in her decade-long career.

Oh well, that's how life goes. Every popular singer have had achieved atleast 1 downfall in their career. And I think sadly, it's Aguilera's downfall era.

Pretty disappointed with the sales coz' 'Bionic' is really a great album.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Christina Aguilera's 'Bionic' update

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So here's the partial first week sales of Christina Aguilera's 4th LP 'Bionic':

Austrian Albums Chart- 3

Belgium Flanders Albums Chart- 16

Belgium Wallonia Albums Chart- 39

Czech Albums Chart- 48

Dutch Albums Chart- 6

Irish Albums Chart- 4

German Albums Chart- 6

New Zealand Album Charts- 6

UK Albums Chart- 1

So far, pretty decent but this is her lowest 1st week sales in her entire career. :(

You can do better!

Monday, June 14, 2010

BACKTRAXX: Lindsay Lohan - Rumors

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"Rumors" is a pop song recorded
by Lindsay Lohan for her debut
album, Speak. It was released as the
album's first and lead single on
September 21, 2004 (see 2004 in
music) in the United States.
Although it failed to chart on the
Billboard Hot 100, it peaked at #6 on
the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles
chart. It was successful in countries
such as Australia, where it peaked at
#10 on the ARIA Charts, and
Germany where it peaked at #14 on
the Germany Singles Chart.


Production on the music video
began on September 11, 2004 and
MTV included the production of the
video on its television series, Making
the Video. Jake Nava was chosen to
direct the video. Nava is known for
directing music videos for Leona
Lewis and Britney Spears. In the
beginning of the video, Lohan is
followed by paparazzi as she is
entering her car. It is revealed that
this is a Lindsay-look-alike and that
the real Lohan is entering another
car to go to a club. The car comes
to a stop and she then steps into an
elevator and sings the first verse of
the song while she is filmed by a
CCTV camera in the elevator. The
next sequence shows her running
through a hallway, dressed up,
before getting into the club. There,
she dances in the crowd, where she
takes a picture of one of the
paparazzi herself to get back at him.
In the next sequence she is walking
slowly through the club where she
finds the man who seems to be her
boyfriend. She takes a seat next to
her lover and they begin kissing and
touching each other, all the while
being constantly filmed by cameras
in the club. While Lohan sings the
second chorus she is trapped in a
cage in the middle of the club and
the whole crowd is watching her.
After this Lohan is shown dancing in
the club with her friends. At the end
of the music video Lohan and her
friends enter the top of a high-rise
and perform a dance routine while
helicopters are circling around them.
Finally Lohan gets into a helicopter
and escapes. In the end she throws
her camera away with all the
pictures taken of her.
The sexually suggestive video
reached number one on MTV's Total
Request Live and was nominated for
Best Pop Video at the 2005 MTV
Video Music Awards. There is an
unedited version of the song which
is about twelve seconds longer than
the album version because it
features a dance break. The edited
version without the dance break
was never officially released.


Christina Aguilera scores her 2nd #1 album!

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While Aguilera's debut in U.S. is not so good (#2 or #3 debut), she regained her throne in the U.K. charts! Debuting at #1 this week, this is her 2nd #1 album, the first which is 'Back To Basics', 'Stripped' debuted at #2 and 'Christina Aguilera' debuted at #14

Everybody thought Alicia Keys' 'The Element Of Freedom' would be #1 since she's in the U.K. now, heavy promotions..BUT Aguilera overtakes! With ZERO promotion!



Sunday, June 13, 2010

KPOP ALERT: Super Junior unleashes new very catchy single!

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'Bonamana' the new single from the album with the same name by Super Junior, a 12 or 11 man kpop group. They're pretty big in South Korea and other Asian countries.

The song is damn catchy! The beat sounds like you're in a 'fiesta', the harmony is quite good!,..just speechless. New favorite indeed!


The video is okay, superb dance moves, the look good, but the setting is pretty boring compared to the 'in' over-the-top settings kpop music videos these days. The dance break was HOT.


My most listened songs this week! (Week 1)

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This is the week one of my weekly music countdown and expect Christina Aguilera songs here because I'm a Christina Aguilera die hard fan (Bionic album is really awesome!) and also there is Kpop song here because I'm Asian...what do you expect?!

1. Christina Aguilera
2. 2pm
3. Britney Spears
4. Lady GaGa
5. Kylie Minogue

1. Bionic - Christina Aguilera

2. Desnudate - Christina Aguilera
3. Alejandro - Lady GaGa
4. As Soon As (Maja) - 2pm
5. Little Dreamer - Christina Aguilera

Saturday, June 12, 2010

BACKTRAXX: Kylie Minogue - I Believe In You

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"I Believe in You" is a dance-pop
song performed by Australian
singer Kylie Minogue and written by
Minogue and Scissor Sisters
members Jake Shears and
Babydaddy. It was produced by
Shears and Babydaddy, and
received an overall positive
reception from music critics when it
was released as the first single from
Minogue's second greatest hits
compilation, Ultimate Kylie, in
December 2004. In the upbeat
eurodance song, Minogue describes
how she believes in her lover rather
than anything else.
The single peaked at number two in
the United Kingdom and at number
six in Australia. The song became a
dance club hit in the United States,
peaking at number three on the
Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart
in 2005 and earning a nomination
for a 2006 Grammy Award in the
"Best Dance Recording" category.


Katy Perry slams Lady GaGa on Twitter!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The latest celebrity showdown involves Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Singer Katy Perry has spared no expense to criticize Lady Gaga’s latest music video ‘Alejandro’. She tweeted on the popular social networking and micro blogging site Twitter that, “Using blasphemy as entertainment is cheap.”

This tweet was apparently in reference to Lady Gaga’s latest
music video, in which she is dressed up as a nun and is seen
swallowing rosary beads. One of the probable reasons why Katy
Perry got upset, was because her father is a pastor, and she had also indulged in contemporary Christian music prior to becoming famous.

It ought to be mentioned that there
has been no response at all, from
Lady Gaga or her representatives
regarding the negative tweet.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Christina Aguilera's chart statistics

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Last time, I told you that i will keep you updated on how 'Bionic', 'Not Myself Tonight',and 'WooHoo' on the here it is!

Billboard Hot 100:
Billboard Pop Songs:
Billboard Hot Radio Songs:
Billboard Hot Digital Songs:
Hot Dance Club Play:
Hot 100:
Hot Digital Singles Chart:
Hot 100 Airplay Chart (Audience
All-Format Airplay (Plays/Spins):
CHR/Pop Radio Chart:
CHR/Rhythmic Radio Chart:
Hot AC Radio Chart:
Singles Chart:
Physical Singles Chart:
Digital Track Chart:
Airplay Chart:
Singles Chart:
Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart:
Pop Radio Chart:
Adult Radio Chart Top 40:
Singles Chart:
Ultratip Top 30 Singles (Bubbling
Under Chart):
Airplay Chart Top 30 (Nielsen):
Singles Chart:
Ultratip Top 30 Singles (Bubbling
Under Chart):
Airplay Chart:
International Radio Airplay Chart:
Airplay Chart:
Top 30 Download Chart:
Airplay Chart:
Singles Chart:
Radio Airplay Chart (Nielsen):
Radio Airplay Chart (Music Trace):
Airplay Chart:
Airplay Chart:
Dutch Tipparade:
Dutch Top 40 Singles Chart:
Dutch Top 100 Singles Chart (Sales
Airplay Chart:
Airplay Chart:
Radio Airplay Chart:
Singles Chart:
Singles Chart:
Singles Chart:
Radio Airplay Chart Top 50:
TV/Video Airplay Chart:
Singles Chart:
183(1,002)[Removed off
UK Download Chart:
Radio Airplay Chart:
TV/Video Airplay Chart:
Hot 100:
Top 100 Airplay Chart:
Adult Contemporary Airplay Chart:
Singles Chart (Billboard):
Digital Songs Chart (Billboard/
MediaTraffic Global Track Chart:
Billboard Hot 100
Billboard Hot Digital Songs:
Hot 100:
Hot Digital Singles Chart:
Urban Radio Chart:
Pop Radio Chart:

Kylie unleashes her first ever “All the Lovers” performance

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kylie Minogue
delivered her first
ever televised
performance of “All
the Lovers” today, live
on the finale of
Germany ’s Next Top

The petite popstar
was bathed in blue for
the performance,
clumsily making her
way through a
writhing orgy one
minute and then
looking totally like a
totally glamorous
Goddess the next.

In other news, it turns
out that Kylie has high
hopes for her new
album Aphrodite,
after NME asked the
star if her album
matched the standard
set by Lady GaGa, to
which Kylie replied:
“ Oh God, I hope so! I
love it! That’s a
benchmark I’d be
happy to be sitting
next to. ”

Judging by the
Aphrodite album
sampler I ’d say Kylie
has absolutely nothing
to worry about.