Sunday, September 12, 2010

KPOP ALERT: DOUBLE 2ne1 Music Videos!

First of:
The video for 'Go Away'. The song is not my type. But it's an anthem, for those who don't understand it.


In the video, 2ne1 member CL gets dumped by a bad boyfriend, but as with the end of any relationship, she has a little trouble letting him go. To numb the pain, the poor girl ends up trying to drink her troubles away, which leads to one of those drunken late night ‘surprise’ visits to the ex. Unfortunately, CL doesn’t exactly get the reaction she was hoping for when her ex drags her into a nearby alley and proceeds to give her a good ol ’ fashioned Chris Brown-ing! Of course, CL ’s bandmates aren’t about to sit back and let their homegirl get treated like a bitch, so they attempt to exact revenge by trying to beat the girl- basher in an explosive car race which ends on a very grisly note.



The second and the latest music video release is called 'Can't Nobody'. I also don't like the song coz' there are some parts in it that sounds creepy and it's pretty generic.


The video is awesome. A kpop standard. And the girls looked awesomely good!


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  1. omg !!!! someone who knows abot 2ne1!!!!
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