Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Guys! I'm really really sorry for not updating my blog for 12 freakin' days! I'm busy as hell coz' of tons of assignments, projects and presentations in school!

I treat this day as my 'comeback day'! I've been collecting some ideas on how to make my blog really nice to your eyes! I'm going to change few things my blog:

1. I'm not going to post my weekly list anymore. Instead, I'm going to turn the tables around and let YOU decide on what songs should I listen for the following week by giving you guys a poll.

2. Since August became a slow month, it's bias for our current Artist of the Month Christina Aguilera, I decided to prolong her throne until the 10th of September but still, the poll for September's Artist of the Month is going to close at August 31 and will be proclaimed by September 10.

3. And whoever is interested to be my next PARTNER in this blog, you are warmely welcomed by me.

...So Chapter 2 is SIGNING ON...


  1. welcome back jay, oh i mean synch.. whoww..your comeback reminds me of JAY PARK's comeback..wew..kidding ..=p