Sunday, August 1, 2010

My most listened Artists and Songs of the week!

just made thissss whoop :DD<br />ii &lt;3 Jesse McCartney :D x on Twitpic

Welcome to another installment of my list! Well, this week became one of the slowest weeks of my life so all that I did was to listen to music. Jesse McCartney's new song got heavy rotations throughout my ears. Chart veterans Kylie Minogue and Christina Aguilera still kickin'!

1. Jesse McCartney
2. Christina Aguilera
3. 4minute
4. Kylie Minogue
5. Super Junior

1. Up - Jesse McCartney

2. You Lost Me (Hex Hector Mix) - Christina Aguilera
3. Bababa - 4minute
4. HuH - 4minute
5. Too Much - Kylie Minogue

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