Monday, August 30, 2010

The REAL story behind the 'Joel-Nicole' feud.

Due to public demand, my music blog is going to be a gossip blog, well, just today. :)

Seems like Nicole Richie is back on track, with her new hair ... on Twitpic

Times change. Paris Hilton and
Nicole Richie were major gossip
wellsprings a few years back, but
the Only Ten Magazines That Matter
have only mentioned Paris twice
this year, both time back in January,
and this will be the third time Nicole
has been a cover girl for the rags
this year. She got a mention in this
blog for scooping the tabloids by
mentioned she would be marrying
her longtime boyfriend Joel Madden
on David Letterman's show in
February and Weekly Life & Style
did a follow-up a few weeks later.
Star did a story on spoiled rotten
celebrity kids and mentioned
Nicole's little girl Harlow. Nicole and
Joel have two children together.

BENJI & JOEL MADDEN FROM GOOD CHARLOTTE. Cool and good lo... on Twitpic

Now, the rag owned by the same
parent company as the Enquirer but
seemingly with its own editorial
control has said the wedding is off
and they have been separated for a
month, and Joel spent nights with a
masseuse and a model. Looking
stuff up online, says the
source was a DJ who has since
Best wishes to them.

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