Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lolene struts her stuff on 'Rich (Fake It 'Till I Make It)' music video

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It's really overwhelming to see a singer having a really good debut single. Lolene's new song from her debut album 'Electrick Hotel' is a sure fire hit...TRUST ME.

The song is really a great club banger and since it's my jam last summer...I'm expecting a good video for it,.and guess what..SHE DID IT!

The video starts off as Lolene acts as a cashier in a very white grocer until everything turns purple and black. The video is full of neon lights, girls inside the empty refrigerators, glitters. I know it sounded like what Lady GaGa usually do but Lolene puts her own touch...classy and sexy at the same time. Until it was later revealed that she was just daydreaming.



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