Thursday, June 17, 2010

'Bionic' chart update.

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We all know that Aguilera bombed the charts in the U.S. and topped the charts in the U.K. and entering top 5 in most's the update: in Korea.

Korean International Singles
Chart :
04 (NE) Glam
19 (24) Not Myself Tonight
41 (NE) Bionic
48 (NE) Woohoo
57 (NE) Lift Me Up
70 (NE) You Lost Me
73 (NE) Prima Donna
76 (NE) Desnudate
78 (NE) Elastic Love
79 (NE) Sex For Breakfast
80 (NE) I Hate Boys
81 (NE) All I Need
84 (NE) My Girls
89 (NE) I Am
90 (NE) Vanity
99 (NE) Love & Glamour (Intro)
109 (NE) My Heart (Intro)
111 (NE) Morning Desert (Intro)
Note - Christina has the most
appearances on the Korean
International Top 200 Singles chart
by FAR.
Korean Overall Singles Chart:
70 (NE) Glam (Outpeaking "NMT"'s
#73 peak. )
152 (198) Not Myself Tonight
Just two entries in the overall chart.
It shows how domestic Korea is
Korean International Albums
Chart (Mostly based on shipments):
01 (NE) Bionic (Deluxe Edition)
04 (NE) Bionic (Standard Edition)
Korean Overall Album Chart
(Mostly based on shipments):
06 (NE) Bionic (Deluxe Edition)
11 (NE) Bionic (Standard Edition)
I'd consider Korea to be one of
Xtina's top markets worldwide now.

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