Monday, June 14, 2010

BACKTRAXX: Lindsay Lohan - Rumors

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"Rumors" is a pop song recorded
by Lindsay Lohan for her debut
album, Speak. It was released as the
album's first and lead single on
September 21, 2004 (see 2004 in
music) in the United States.
Although it failed to chart on the
Billboard Hot 100, it peaked at #6 on
the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles
chart. It was successful in countries
such as Australia, where it peaked at
#10 on the ARIA Charts, and
Germany where it peaked at #14 on
the Germany Singles Chart.


Production on the music video
began on September 11, 2004 and
MTV included the production of the
video on its television series, Making
the Video. Jake Nava was chosen to
direct the video. Nava is known for
directing music videos for Leona
Lewis and Britney Spears. In the
beginning of the video, Lohan is
followed by paparazzi as she is
entering her car. It is revealed that
this is a Lindsay-look-alike and that
the real Lohan is entering another
car to go to a club. The car comes
to a stop and she then steps into an
elevator and sings the first verse of
the song while she is filmed by a
CCTV camera in the elevator. The
next sequence shows her running
through a hallway, dressed up,
before getting into the club. There,
she dances in the crowd, where she
takes a picture of one of the
paparazzi herself to get back at him.
In the next sequence she is walking
slowly through the club where she
finds the man who seems to be her
boyfriend. She takes a seat next to
her lover and they begin kissing and
touching each other, all the while
being constantly filmed by cameras
in the club. While Lohan sings the
second chorus she is trapped in a
cage in the middle of the club and
the whole crowd is watching her.
After this Lohan is shown dancing in
the club with her friends. At the end
of the music video Lohan and her
friends enter the top of a high-rise
and perform a dance routine while
helicopters are circling around them.
Finally Lohan gets into a helicopter
and escapes. In the end she throws
her camera away with all the
pictures taken of her.
The sexually suggestive video
reached number one on MTV's Total
Request Live and was nominated for
Best Pop Video at the 2005 MTV
Video Music Awards. There is an
unedited version of the song which
is about twelve seconds longer than
the album version because it
features a dance break. The edited
version without the dance break
was never officially released.


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