Friday, June 11, 2010

Kylie unleashes her first ever “All the Lovers” performance

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Kylie Minogue
delivered her first
ever televised
performance of “All
the Lovers” today, live
on the finale of
Germany ’s Next Top

The petite popstar
was bathed in blue for
the performance,
clumsily making her
way through a
writhing orgy one
minute and then
looking totally like a
totally glamorous
Goddess the next.

In other news, it turns
out that Kylie has high
hopes for her new
album Aphrodite,
after NME asked the
star if her album
matched the standard
set by Lady GaGa, to
which Kylie replied:
“ Oh God, I hope so! I
love it! That’s a
benchmark I’d be
happy to be sitting
next to. ”

Judging by the
Aphrodite album
sampler I ’d say Kylie
has absolutely nothing
to worry about.


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