Monday, June 7, 2010

Katy Perry and the 'California Gurls' live in the 2010 MTV Music Awards

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Russell Brand’s
extremely attractive
girlfriend Katy Perry
delivered the first
televised performance
of her new single
“ California Gurls”
today at the MTV
Movie Awards.
While Katy didn’t get
naked on stage like
she promised earlier
this week, she still
delivered a kick ass
performance. The
vocals were great, the
stage presence and
charisma were on
point and you can
never go wrong when
you ’ve got Snoop
Dogg by your side.
The performance
came to a climax
when a bunch of
beach balls (even
bigger than the ones
on her chest) were
dropped into the
crowd, turning the
performance into one
big beach party.

Now get down on your
knees and pray that
this song boots
Usher ’s “OMG” off the
top of the Hot 100!


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