Saturday, July 17, 2010

BACKTRAXX: Let It Slide - Joanna Pacitti

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'Let It Slide' was Joanna Pacitti's first (and last?) Single from her 2006 first (and last?) album 'This Crazy Life'. I know that 90% of people who visit my blog don't know her. So here's a short biography:

She was supposed to be playing the lead role as Annie in 'Annie: The Musical' but because of bronchitis, she was fired. She was also a contestant on 'American Idol season 9' but because of legal issues and rules (she relesed this album before she joined the show, and she claims that she is a friend of AI's producer) she was disqualified and right now, she's out of sight.

The song is super hot! Her soaring voice soared in the midst of the pop/rock sound!


The video is awesome too. She is pretty but prettier when she cartoonized herself! Very creative video!



  1. i liked the song, it really grew on me after few listens, thanks synch!

  2. i'm glad i'm introducing new music to you leeman!