Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Billboard named 'Bionic' 'best mainstream pop album of the year'!

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Let us first leave everything negative about Aguilera's 'Bionic' and focus on the good side (but still, you can agree or disagree with me since it's a blog).

Billboard Magazine just called Xtina's 'Bionic' as 'best mainstream pop album of the year'!. Congrats Hottina! Here's what Billboard has to say:

NEW YORK (Billboard) -
We may have love
affairs with all kinds of
gimmicky divas, but it
takes Christina Aguilera
to remind us that
singing really matters.
That's not to say the
pop star's latest
release, "Bionic," is all
about her voice, a
muscular acrobat that's
become more elegant
with age. Combine it
with the inventive work
of a diverse cast of
producers and you've
got the best
mainstream pop album
of the year thus far.
Sure, "Bionic" was made
for a post-Lady Gaga
world, where the
comparisons are
inevitable and the sales
stakes are high. But
from the fidgety intro of
the dub-tastic opening
title track (produced by
Santigold collaborators
John Hill & Switch) to
punk-brat driving song
"My Girls" (produced by
Le Tigre, with a guest
rap from Peaches) to
Aguilera's gloriously
restrained delivery on
"All I Need" (Sia Furler
co-produced the vocals),
the 18-song set shows
an artist confident
enough to take direct
cues from her tuned-in
creative team. Because
she's bold enough to do
it her way, Aguilera
maintains her reign.

Another good news!

Christina Aguilera was just voted as the 'Next Gay Icon' of afterelton.com with a 35.99 percent, a close fight between Britney Spears who had 30.11 percent.

Now, back to the real world.

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