Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Due to underwhelming performance of his singles, no 2nd album for Lee Ryan. (as of the moment)

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The Blue singer is planning to release his latest solo record 'Confessions' in October, but now admits that his label - Geffen - might scrap the album because of poor sales for his latest single.

The double A-side release, 'I Am Who I Am / Secret Love', only reached number 33 in the U.K. charts at the weekend.

In a rant against Geffen Records, Lee has blamed the company for not stocking enough copies of the CD in shops.

Ryan wrote on Twitter: "Really upset, 33 aint terrible but I thought it would of done better! The album is so good it's a shame it won't be out now! Only released 2000 copies! Most of the fans said they couldn't get it, not everyone downloads?"

Lee continued: "They just won't release (the album) now. I'm just gonna put it on the internet and the let the fans get it for free! F**k em!!!"

"I promise I will give it away! I want you to hear it! I don ’t care about the money its the body of work I want u to hear! You can have it! X"

Blue meanwhile are working on their next album and will be touring in 2011.

It's really sad. Anyways, I'm excited to hear anything from him.


  1. Lee Ryan! What is wrong?! I bought the CD single! 33 is not bad! What is wrong with that company? Anyways, i'll be waiting for the blue album! Woohoo! Thanks synch!

  2. Yes 33 is not bad, it's SUPER BAD.