Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kelis cooked up a storm in the backstage!

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Kelis fired up her own barbeque in her dressing room to celebrate the 4th July on Sunday.

The R&B star always celebrates American Independence Day with an outdoor feast, and even though she was in the U.K. this weekend for the annual holiday she decided she was going to have a cook-up anyway.

Kelis was there to promote her latest album 'Fleshtones' and performed on T4. While on backstage, she bought a portable barbeques and began cooking delicious calorific treats like rib eye steaks, salmon, corn on the cobs, hamburgers and hot dogs.

A source said: "Kelis was cooking up a storm backstage. The smell of the steaks on the BBQ was mouth watering. Perhaps Channel 4 should give her a cooking show of her own!"

A host of other artists and passers-by joined her for the food until concerned fire wardens put a halt to the impromptu barbeque after seeing the smoke.

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