Friday, July 2, 2010

Can you feel me in your stereo? YES!

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While I'm eagerly waiting for Kylie Minogue's latest album 'Aphrodite', I always listen to the tracks but only 4 stood out for me...BUT THOSE 4 TRACKS MAY BE HER GREATEST EVER!

Top 4: Cupid Boy -
Hot hot track! Should be a single...this song have heavy synths, the chorus is sick! And it kinda have the rockish feeling. Some parts are similar to Britney's 'Shattered Glass'.

Top 3: Illusion -
Beautiful song. It's a dance track but it's calm. It has this tropical themed or inspired song.

Top 2: Aphrodite -
It sounds like 'Heartbeat Rock part.2' with it's Gwen Stefani/Fergie-esqe sound. With marching band, heavy synths!

Top 1: Too Much -
GROUNDBREAKING! The song is really too much to my ears! This can be my song of the decade! It's really a good truck with mammoth of electric beats and different sounds and instruments that can make your ear bleed in a fun way! *faints*

The songs above got 5/5 on my ratings except for 'TOO MUCH' which I've given 10/5!J

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