Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just Wondering: Where are these girls now?

We all know that Britney Spears is recording an album and Christina Aguilera just released her latest album. But I'm wondering, where the other Bubblegum pop royalties way back in the early 2000's, I'm referring to Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, and Billie Piper....


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After ditching her past music career and then goes to the other direction by being an alternative singer and her last 2 album reached triple toilet paper certification, where is she now?

NO MUSIC NEWS FOR HER but After a break of almost two years
from big screen roles, Mandy Moore
filmed the romantic comedy
Swinging with the Finkels in the
United Kingdom in 2009; the film is due for release in 2010. Moore is also starring as Princess Rapunzel,
the tenth Disney Princess, in the upcoming animated 3D Disney film
Tangled, due for release in fall of 2010. It was also recently confirmed that Mandy Moore will star with
actor Kellan Lutz in the film, First
Love, Then Marriage. Moore was a guest star on the sixth season finale of Grey's Anatomy on May 20, 2010, her first television role since 2007.


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New album
In an interview for the March 2010
issue of Allure Magazine, Simpson
stated that she is working on a new
album. The album will end her
contract with her label. It's not yet
known if she will renew her contract
or move to another label for future
albums. She also stated that she will
be producing some of the songs on
the album.


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Piper stars as Hannah Baxter/
Belle de Jour in Secret Diary of a Call
Girl, an ITV2 adaptation of Belle de
Jour's The Intimate Adventures of a
London Call Girl, a memoir detailing
the life of a high-class prostitute. The
series, which aired from 27
September 2007, saw Piper in
several semi-nude scenes, including
one scene featuring her saddling a
client and riding him like a horse.
As part of her preparation for the
role Piper met the real life Belle some
two years before her identity as a
research scientist was revealed in a
Sunday newspaper: "I absolutely
had to meet the person behind the
words to be able to take the part ...
People did ask me about her and I
just had to smile, to avoid giving
anything away ...". A second
series, with Piper in the starring role,
started filming in May 2008, during
which two body doubles were hired
in order to hide Piper's pregnancy
during the sex scenes.The
third series began airing in January
2010, with Piper dispensing with the
body doubles, performing all her
own sex scenes.
Piper has also shared the role of
Betty with Sue Johnston in the TV
adaptation of A Passionate Woman,
screened on BBC 1 on the 11th and
the 18th of April 2010.

I guess only Jessica is the one interested in having a comeback in the music scene.

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