Monday, July 19, 2010

Is there a feud between RCA and Christina Aguilera?

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New York Post claims that Christina Aguilera's label RCA Records are concerned over her inability to connect with the general public.

The Post have also claimed that Aguilera has “misjudged the market” and that she’s no longer the “edgy” popstar that she was in the early days when her main competition was the likes of Britney, Mandy and Jessica.

They Said:

Her early albums
seemed rebellious and
edgy compared with
Britney Spears ’ and
Jessica Simpson’s, but
she’s now competing
against more avant-
garde acts such as
Gaga, Rihanna and
A source added: “She
wants to compete
with her peers, but
there is a disconnect
because, over the
years, she ’s been a
mother and a wife,
not a rocker.

Then added:

“The label has done
its part, but she’s
headstrong. There
have been candid
between her and the
label about
connectivity, but it
doesn’t seem that
she’s been open to
that dialogue.”

UPDATE: Both parties denied this issue and RCA said that they will always be there for every Xtina's choice.


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  2. I think the article said it best her image is now match for the overtop style of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna. Xtina is going to eat some humble pie a see that her music isn't that ground breaking. She better rush and get this next album out before I call her a has-been. Cause I will!

  3. super agreed! She should take this as a lesson, whether the news is true or not.

  4. Oh yeah she's not the hottest popstar anymore...well technically thanks to Britney Spears she never

  5. without britney...There would be no xtina, jessica, and mandy

  6. Xtina should do a new album and forget that this whole happened.

  7. @Synchorotical agreed Britney reopened the flood gates Janet/Madonna started and then those artist came.
    @Leeman she may forget but I won't hahaha! No really at this point idk what she should do because in all honesty due to the fact that every time she releases an album she reinvents herself there no true starting point to go back to that would work. She kinda has herself between a rock and a hard place.

  8. i think she should do an album, without any reinvention. Like what britney is doing...agree?