Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lee Ryan's 'Confessions' is officially having a release date after fans' petition!

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Geffen has apparently reversed its decision not to release Lee Ryan's new solo album, after a petition set up by fans reportedly received 174 signatures.

As previously reported, Ryan told fans earlier this week that the album had been shelved after the first single from it, 'I Am Who I Am/Secret Love', only reached number 33 in the singles chart. The singer then told fans he would give it away as a free download instead.

It seems that it won't now come to that, though. Ryan tweeted on Tuesday: "I think your petition has worked! The record label have said they will release it now! So happy! Thank you everyone for helping me!"

So I can finally say this:

'Confessions' out in October. :)

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  1. kewl! I should have joined that historic thing!